Your Honor: My Thoughts Half Way Through

Part 1: Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan so far, but I’m choosing to include it because I am still going to watch it to it’s entirety and I have a hunch this is a show where I’m going to be the minority. I think most people will like this show more than me. I love Brian Cranston, and I think it’s a great premise and well done, but I have an extremely low tolerance for shows that have main characters that make decisions I think are stupid. I am someone who has carefully thought out what I would do if I needed to cover up a crime or hide a dead body. I know I’m not the only one who has done this. So, without giving too much of the show away for those who haven’t seen it, that is why I’m personally not giving this show raving reviews (yet - who knows, maybe the second half of Season 1 will amaze me). But I heard enough people I trust give it positive reviews and it had enough in it I liked for me to keep watching. So watch episode 1 and decide yourself. If you finish the pilot and think there is no way the show could possibly give you an ending you’ll like, I won’t blame you. And if you’re into it, then binge away and let’s discuss it!

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