According to Lizzy: Pilot

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to According to Lizzy! Because this blog is dedicated to all things TV, I am affectionately referring to this first blog post of mine as my Pilot episode. If any of the 3 people reading this are curious whether this is for them or not, here is my best rendition of a summary of what this blog is all about:

In an age where anyone can become a blogger, a girl in her mid-twenties who has been binging TV shows all her life reluctantly decides to take the plunge and start a blog of her own, despite not knowing what she’s doing. She’s not here to share her skincare routine or tell you where she buys her clothes, but instead wants to share what she knows better than anything: TV. Will her innate shyness and general distaste for "influencers" get the best of her before she has a chance to succeed or will she push past that because enough people outside her own family and friends give her enough positive reinforcement to make her feel like this blog is worthwhile? Only time will tell if this passion project will get cancelled or renewed another season.

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