What Type of Show Are You Looking For?


I love The Office and Parks and Rec just as much as everyone else. And I'll probably re-watch them for the rest of my life. But if you're looking to branch out a bit and find other shows to make you laugh, look no further.


You know the characteristics of a psychopath and you've carefully thought about how you would hide a body if you needed to. Homicides, serial killers, sociopaths, cults, you name it. Find your next crime story here.


If you like shows that make you think, have plot twists, and leave you on cliffhangers at the end of episodes, this is your category. These shows are not for people who spend the whole time watching a show on their phone. If you're a distracted TV viewer, you will not follow or appreciate these shows.


You just want to watch something that leaves you feeling happy! Or maybe you just finished a true crime documentary and need something light to watch before bed. These shows should leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. These are also great for people who don't like to pay attention throughout an entire episode.

Hidden Gems

If you think you've already seen every show that's out there and you're looking for something under the radar, I hope you can find something new here. These are the shows you love, but have no one to talk to about them because no one has heard of it. Here are my top picks of shows that aren't very popular but are worthy of a binging.

High School Drama

Did you peak in high school? Do you love to relive your glory days? Were you on track to go D1 before blowing out your knee senior year? Are you a parent that knows all the latest gossip about your kids' friends? Do you still wear your letterman jacket? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these shows will take you down memory lane.

One Season

You're not looking for anything serious. You have commitment issues. You're really focusing on your career right now and you don't have time for a show with more than one season. Sometimes the best shows are the ones that don't drag on forever.